1st Family and Friends Fun Day Cookout!!!

Thank you, thank you and thank you, to our Grand Master, all the Illustrious Companions, Royal Matrons, Brothers, Sisters, family, and friends who attended our 1st Family and Friends Fun Day Cookout!!! It is because of you all that we had an awesome time, filled with great fellowship, food, and laughter!!!

My crown goes off to EVERYONE who worked diligently behind the scenes and on site, to ensure we had a successful event. However, we all know you can’t have a great cookout without great food. Therefore, a special thanks goes out to the cooks, Illustrious Companions Prior and Caine, who made sure we ate well during the cookout and the after cookout.

Did I say after cookout? Baaaabbbaaaayyy, the “after cookout” in the hotel parking lot, began when we pulled up and lasted until almost midnight!!! We all had a great time there as well!!!

Nevertheless, It goes without saying, that my heart is full, and all is well with my soul, because more importantly, the children enjoyed themselves!!!

See y’all next year!!!

Troy A. Cousin
Most Illustrious Grand Thrice Illustrious Master