District Deputies

District Deputies
Most Illustrious Prince Hall Grand Council Royal & Select Masters of Texas

Northern District – Andre McGaughey

Northern District – Brock Gardner

Steave R. Powell, Jr. Council No. 2

Samuel L. Beasley, Sr. No. 3

Fiat Lux Council No. 1

Lawrence “Pap” Anderson Council No. 6

Southern District – Clary Glover

Southern District – Darnell Morris

Golden Trowel Council No. 11

King Solomon Council U.D.

William H. Craig Council No. 4

Central Texas Council No. 5

Southern District – Paul Calhoun

Southern District – Samuel Williamson, Jr.

Earnest M. “Ernie” Williams Council No. 7

Alpha & Omega Council U.D.

Perfection Council No. 9

Valley of the Kings Council U.D.

Mount Moriah Council U.D.

Western District – Bernard Samuel

L.G. Raynor Council No. 8